I wish I had a licorice allsort for every time someone asked me "how often should I post on Facebook" in a Facebook workshop or a social media conference. Facebook has an algorithm (FBO) and one of the FBO datasets or criteria is called Last Actor 50 – did this person interact/engage with you and your Facebook Page/Profile/Group in their last 50 interactions? It’s supposed to be for weddings. e.g. liking a wedding breakfast updates means you want to see the wedding photos and then wedding reception and dinner. It also means Facebook is much more likely to give that bride’s Facebook updates preference for 24 hours or so.
So you need your customer/subscriber to interact with your content once in 24 hours to get more updates from you that day. But they may not see your daily post so post more. Post daily at least but preferably more. If you skip the weekend you’ll be out of the Last Actor 50 set. Then you need to post multiple times in a day (1500 updates are available at any moment for the customer, but they only see 20-60 of them according to FBO Facebook’s algorithm). Keep posting. If you have a socially active online group that check Facebook every 2 minutes - you know who you are ;) - post more than if you have people who only check Facebook once a week like Nanna or Twitter users.
PS bad quality content won’t be in the Last Actor 50 as that content is not engaged with, so don’t even bother as no one interacted with it.
Part of my online Facebook Course FBO – gradually adding all the FBO algorithm sets to the video course. Let me know if you want to know any more about FBO? #FBO #Facebook #socialmedia #onlinecourse